SP Page Builder v5.1.7 Introduces a New Rich Text Editor and Many Enhancements

SP Page Builder v5.1.7 Introduces a New Rich Text Editor and Many Enhancements

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With the release of SP Page Builder v5.1.7, we’re thrilled to bring you a new Rich Text editor along with a host of exciting improvements designed to elevate your web design experience. 

This latest version introduces a brand new Rich Text Editor, streamlining the text content creation process, along with several enhancements and bug fixes to enhance your journey with SP Page Builder.

Let’s have a look at the changelog and see what today’s update is all about.  

SP Page Builder v5.1.7 Changelog

  • New: Introduced a new rich-text editor
  • Update: Enhanced the Product List addon (EasyStore) with layers panel functionality
  • Update: Added an option to set image ALT text in the Modal Popup addon
  • Fix: Resolved a warning issue in the video addon
  • Fix: Fixed a tooltip problem on hover
  • Fix: Corrected the issue with the “Save as Copy” action for pages
  • Fix: Fixed Joomla backward compatibility issue
  • Fix: Fixed the phone number pattern issue in the Form Builder addon
  • Fix: Fixed Instagram access token issue
  • Fix: Fixed border width issue of the Tab addon
  • Fix: Fixed the responsive visibility issue of the Div addon

Introducing a New Rich Text Editor

In this update, we’ve replaced the traditional TinyMCE and JCE editors with a brand new Rich Text Editor that’s designed to make your life easier when crafting stunning web content.

Why the Change?

Our primary goal with this update is to simplify the text content creation process for our users. The new Rich Text Editor eliminates the common challenges users faced with previous editors and brings simplified and intuitive features to your fingertips.

What’s New with the Rich Text Editor?

With the new Rich Text Editor in SP Page Builder 5.1.7, you can now:

  • Create Headings (H1-H6): Easily structure your content with different heading levels.
  • Emphasize Text: Apply bold and italic formatting with a single click.
  • Bullet and Numbered Lists: Organize your content with lists in no time.
  • Insert Media Files: Add images and multimedia from the media manager seamlessly.
  • Create Links: Link to other web pages or resources effortlessly.
  • Insert Table & Blockquote: Create tables and blockquotes to present data and quotes effectively within your content.
  • Text Color: Customize text color to make your content visually appealing.
  • Access Source Code: Make necessary HTML changes to your content.

The new editor is designed to streamline your text content creation process, ensuring you can create stunning web pages without the hassle you might have faced with previous editors like JCE.

Layers Panel Functionality for Product List Addon

The Product List addon now comes equipped with layers panel functionality, giving you even more control and flexibility when designing your online store. 

With the layers panel, you can effortlessly manage and customize the addons inside the Product List, making it easier than ever to customize your EasyStore website. 

Time to Update! 

Additionally, we’ve added an image alt text option in the Modal Popup addon for better accessibility and SEO optimization.

We’ve resolved various issues in this update, including a warning problem in the video addon, tooltip improvements on hover, and fixes for the “Save as Copy” action, Joomla backward compatibility, and a phone number pattern issue in the Form Builder addon.

We hope you enjoy these improvements and the new Rich Text Editor, which is bound to make your content creation experience smoother and more enjoyable. Let us know your feedback in the comments, and stay tuned for upcoming updates!  

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