SP Page Builder v5.0.7 Fixes Several Security Vulnerabilities and More

SP Page Builder v5.0.7 Fixes Several Security Vulnerabilities and More

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It’s update’o’clock for SP Page Builder users!

We are pleased to announce the latest update for SP Page Builder – version 5.0.7! This release brings many improvements, including enhanced security measures and crucial fixes to elevate your website-building experience to a whole new level.

Let’s find out what the update has in store. 

SP Page Builder v5.0.7 Changelog

  • Update: Enhanced security measures
  • Update: Improved media Access Control List (ACL) functionalities
  • Fix: Resolved a page freezing issue associated with duplicate ids
  • Fix: Fixed layout and gradient problems in slideshow transitions when upgrading from SPPB version 3 to 5 
  • Fix: Corrected the positioning issue of the Tab addon for videos and iframes
  • Fix: Addressed SVG icon undefined error for custom icon packs
  • Fix: ​​Fixed the issue where the select field failed to update after changing devices
  • Fix: CSS duplication problem occurring on the SP Portfolio page
  • Fix: Ensured proper display of installed fonts in the FontsField
  • Fix: Resolved warning issue with window reload
  • Fix: Improved interaction performance
  • Fix: Fixed problem with editing table add-on in the backend editor
  • Fix: Resolved content saving problem in the JCE editor

Enhanced Security Measures

SP Page Builder v5.0.7 implemented enhanced security measures that fortify your website against potential vulnerabilities. The update introduces a range of security measures to safeguard your website against potential threats and malicious attacks.

Fixed Layout and Gradient Issues in Slideshow Transitions

SP Page Builder’s dynamic slideshow transitions add visual appeal to your website. However, during the upgrade process from SP Page Builder version 3 to version 5, some users experienced layout and gradient issues with these transitions. 

With the release of SP Page Builder v5.0.7, we have taken prompt action to address these issues. With this update, we have resolved the layout and gradient issues, ensuring a seamless transition during the upgrade process.

Wrapping Up!

SP Page Builder v5.0.7 also addresses multiple issues that have been reported by our dedicated community of users. We recommend you upgrade to SP Page Builder v5.0.7 today to enjoy the enhanced security measures and other fixes. 

We value your feedback and continuously strive to improve our product to meet your expectations. Do let us know your feedback about the update in the comments. Good day! 

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