SP Page Builder v5.1.4: Enhancements to Popover, Product List, Opt-in Form, & More

SP Page Builder v5.1.4: Enhancements to Popover, Product List, Opt-in Form, & More

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It’s update’o’clock for SP Page Builder users!

Your favorite SP Page Builder just got even better with the release of v5.1.4, bringing enhanced features and bug fixes to take your website creation to the next level.

From improved Popover addon functionality to enhanced security in the Opt-in Form addon, let’s find out what this update has in store.

SP Page Builder v5.1.4 changelog

  • New: Option to set color, typography, padding & margin for Popover Meta, Text Content, and Popover Link in Popover addon
  • Update: Enhanced the dropping functionality of the Product List addon for EasyStore
  • Update: Added multiple captcha options for the Opt-in Form addon
  • Update: Redirect to the last page after logging in to the frontend editor
  • Update: Added a backdrop to the options in the Layers Panel
  • Fix: Fixed smart search issue
  • Fix: Resolved the SendinBlue API issue in the Opt-in Form addon
  • Fix: Fixed addon hidden issue in category view
  • Fix: Fixed addon parser parent value issue
  • Fix: Fixed the background color in the Image Layout addon
  • Fix: Fixed image carousel issue when center padding is set to 0

Enhanced Popover Addon Functionality 

The Popover addon has received a boost in functionality, making it even more versatile for creating engaging and interactive content on your website.

With this update, you can set the color, typography, padding, and margin for not just the Popover itself, but also for the Popover Meta, Text Content, and Popover Link. This means that you have complete control over the visual elements of your popovers, ensuring that they seamlessly blend into your website’s design and meet your specific requirements.

Improved Product List Addon Dropping Functionality for EasyStore

In case you’ve missed it, we have recently launched EasyStore – the ultimate Joomla eCommerce solution! With an array of features and tools at your disposal, EasyStore makes it easier than ever to create a professional eCommerce website that meets your specific needs.

The integration of SP Page Builder with EasyStore means that you can take full advantage of the latest features and improvements in our page builder while crafting your eCommerce site.

With that being said, building and customizing your eCommerce pages is now easier with improved dropping functionality for the Product List addon. Now, you can effortlessly drop addons within the Product List and sort them with drag & drop functionality, making your website-building journey more intuitive and effective. 

Opt-in Form: Enhanced Security with Multiple Captcha Options

In SP Page Builder v5.1.3, we’ve introduced an important security enhancement to the Opt-in Form addon. Now, when you enable captcha for your forms, you have the flexibility to choose from different captcha types. This feature adds an extra layer of protection to your forms and allows you to select the captcha solution that best suits your needs.

With this update, you can select the captcha type from a dropdown menu, which includes the following options:

  • Default: Create and customize security questions that are unique to your website to safeguard your forms. 
  • Google reCaptcha: This widely recognized captcha solution provides strong protection against spam and ensures that only genuine users can submit your forms.
  • Google Invisible reCaptcha: The invisible variant of Google reCaptcha offers a seamless user experience while effectively preventing spam submissions.

Redirect to the Last Page After the Frontend Editor Login

Working on the front-end editor is now more convenient than ever. With today’s update, we’ve implemented a feature that automatically takes you back to the last page you were editing after logging in to the front-end editor.

Miscellaneous Fixes

In this update, we’ve addressed various issues to ensure a smoother and more reliable user experience. Some key fixes include:

  • Opt-in Form Addon SendinBlue API Issue: The Opt-in Form addon now works seamlessly with SendinBlue API, ensuring a smooth integration for your email marketing needs.
  • Image Carousel Issue with Center Padding: The Image Carousel addon now functions correctly, even when the center padding is set to 0, eliminating any issues with its display.

We hope these enhancements and bug fixes will make your experience with SP Page Builder even more enjoyable. As always, let us know your feedback about the update in the comments. We truly appreciate your support in helping us improve our products.

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