SP Page Builder v5.1.0 Introduces Two-Way Deep Integration With EasyStore & 2 New Addons

SP Page Builder v5.1.0 Introduces Two-Way Deep Integration With EasyStore & 2 New Addons

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Hola SP Page Builder fam! As we approach the launch of EasyStore, we are gearing up SP Page Builder to seamlessly integrate with it. Hence today, we’re rolling out an update of SP Page Builder which supports the integration of EasyStore and introduced two brand new addons. So get ready to celebrate because we’re about to set sail!

Let’s check out the changelog to find out what this update has in it for you!

SP Page Builder v5.1.0 Changelog:

  • New: Deep integration with the upcoming EasyStore component
  • New: Added new Popover addon
  • New: Added new Before-after addon
  • Update: Enhanced frontend editor design for better alignment with the backend editor
  • Fix: Resolved problem with updating nested and deep addon rows in the layers panel

Deep Integration With EasyStore For Seamless Compatibility

In this latest update, SP Page Builder sets a new standard with deep two-way integration with the upcoming EasyStore component. This complete backend compatibility allows you unprecedented freedom to fine-tune every aspect of your online store, available upon the stable release of EasyStore.

After installing the EasyStore extension, SP Page Builder provides options to design both your product list and individual product pages. Leveraging the drag-and-drop ease of SP Page Builder, you can now create stunning Joomla eCommerce websites with unparalleled design flexibility.

Keep an eye out for further details to be released with the launch of EasyStore. This groundbreaking feature simplifies and enhances customization for product listings and individual product pages, offering more flexibility in layout and design than ever!

New Popover Addon


Effortlessly showcasing popovers on your Joomla site has never been easier! The new Popover addon adds an engaging layer to your images. When visitors hover over or click on an image, a sleek and customizable popover appears, providing additional information, descriptions, or context. This feature is perfect for eCommerce sites where you want to offer quick insights or details without cluttering your layout.

Tailor the appearance of your popovers to match your website’s style effortlessly. Define the placement, and content with a few simple clicks.

New Before After Addon

Take your time to explore our awesome Before After addon for creating image comparisons!

With the new Before After addon, you can effortlessly showcase transformations or any visual changes with a captivating before-and-after effect. Simply upload two images, and let your users slide their way to amazement, comparing the changes side by side.

Whether you’re selling a beauty product, home renovation item, or fitness equipment, this addon can effectively demonstrate the product’s effectiveness on your eCommerce site.

Just like the rest of the SP Page Builder addons, the Before After addon is fully customizable. Add before-after images, adjust the slider orientation, and more to ensure it looks stunning on all devices with responsive design.

EasyStore Is Just Around the Corner

The confetti is about to fly! Get ready because EasyStore is almost ready to arrive and hit your doorstep very soon. All you need to do is brace yourself for the incredible awesomeness of EasyStore and its powerful features.