Introducing EasyStore: eCommerce Made Easy Yet Powerful in Joomla 

Introducing EasyStore: eCommerce Made Easy Yet Powerful in Joomla 

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Buckle up, eCommerce enthusiasts! The moment you’ve been eagerly awaiting is finally here. 

EasyStore has officially made its entrance! As the name suggests, it’s easy to use and power-packed with features to elevate your Joomla eCommerce game.

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, EasyStore has the perfect mix of simplicity and functionality to take your Joomla eCommerce experience to new heights. From effortlessly creating products to delivering the perfect checkout experience, the new eCommerce extension in town equips you with the tools you need to bring your dream online store to life. 

Drumroll please, as we unveil the endless possibilities that await you with EasyStore!  

Create Your Products With Ease

Let’s dive straight into the heart of EasyStore which is product creation. 

With EasyStore you can effortlessly create, manage, and present products with finesse all within the familiar Joomla environment. From categories to variations, images to descriptions, it lets you craft products to give your shoppers the best shopping experience! 

Add Variants to Your Products

With EasyStore, we have made it a breeze to create and manage product variations! Offer different options like size, color, or material, and let your customers tailor their shopping experience to their preferences.

  • Create as many attributes as you need, and let EasyStore automatically generate the corresponding variations.
  • Manage advanced attributes for each variant, such as SKU, weight, price adjustments, and inventory status, all in one place.

Enrich Product Showcase With Multiple Images

In the realm of eCommerce, images speak volumes. Enrich your product showcase with multiple images allowing shoppers to explore your products from every angle. 

Prevent Over-Selling Mishaps With Automated Inventory Management 

Managing inventory can be a daunting task, but EasyStore takes the sweat out of it. Say goodbye to manual inventory updates, stockouts, lost sales, and frustrated customers. Its automated inventory management ensures that your product availability is always up-to-date, down to the variant level.

Enjoy the Convenience of Bulk Updating Product Information

Managing a large inventory? No problem. With EasyStore, you can swiftly update product information in bulk, saving you precious time and effort. Enjoy the convenience of performing bulk actions, such as generating SKUs and updating prices, inventory values, and weights for multiple variants simultaneously.

Organize Your Store with Categories & Tags

EasyStore makes it quick and efficient for your customers to find what they want by organizing your store with categories & tags.

Easily create and manage categories, making navigation a breeze for your customers. You can also add descriptive tags to your products to enhance product discoverability, ensuring that customers find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently.

Store Essentials – Currency, Shipping, & Tax Management

Tailor your online store with preferred currency and weight units, shipping regions, methods, rates, and precise state-specific tax control.

Set Your Desired Currency & Weight Units

Personalize your store your way with your preferred currency and measurement options. Set your preferred currency for pricing and choose the weight unit that suits your products best. 

Simplified Shipping Management 

Set up shipping regions, configure delivery methods, and ensure a smooth shipping experience for your online store. 

  • Define custom shipping regions tailored to your target markets.
  • Configure various delivery methods to meet your customers’ shipping preferences.
  • Set shipping costs based on your business strategy, whether it’s flat-rate, rate-by-weight, or free shipping for specific products.

State-Specific Tax Management

Define and manage your sales tax rates not only at the country but also at the state levels. This granular control makes it easy to update and maintain precise tax adjustments based on your specific location.

Flexible Order Management

EasyStore takes order management to the next level, offering unparalleled flexibility to meet your specific needs. Whether you need to create manual orders, apply exclusive discounts, or track order statuses, EasyStore has you covered.

Never Miss a Custom Order

Got a custom order or a special request? No worries – EasyStore allows you to create orders manually, ensuring you seize every business opportunity.

Add Exclusive Discount if Needed

Enjoy the freedom to apply exclusive discounts to specific orders, catering to unique scenarios and rewarding loyal customers.

Monitor Order Status & Add Tracking

Stay on top of your orders with EasyStore’s order management capabilities. Monitor order statuses and efficiently track orders by adding tracking information, keeping your customers informed every step of the way.

Issue Partial or Full Refund

If a paid order requires a refund, EasyStore provides a straightforward process for handling this scenario too! You have the flexibility to issue either a partial or full refund and the payment status will be automatically changed to reflect the refund. 

Create Discount Coupons to Attract More Sales

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Discounts and promotions boost your sales and breathe more life into your site. With EasyStore, you can create and manage discount coupons, reuse them, set coupon duration, and more giving your customers compelling reasons to shop with you.

Boost Trust With Reviews & Ratings

Reviews & ratings hold tremendous power and can make or break a sale. With EasyStore, not only can you showcase product reviews and ratings, but you can also take control of your reviews, deciding whether to publish or unpublish them according to your preferences.

Pre-built Customizable Email Notifications

Get default email templates to keep your customers informed and engaged throughout their shopping journey. Add the customer’s name, billing address, coupon codes, etc. in your emails with the help of tokens and customize the content to match your brand’s tone and style effortlessly.

Secure Payment Integrations

Your customers deserve a payment experience they can trust, and EasyStore is here to deliver just that! It offers a selection of top-tier payment integrations, including Stripe, PayPal, and Paddle to ensure safe and reliable transactions for your online store.

That’s not all! With an exciting lineup of additional integrations in the pipeline, rest assured you can offer your customers a seamless and worry-free payment experience.

Deliver the Perfect Checkout Experience

EasyStore simplifies the checkout process for a perfect, hassle-free shopping experience that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Add to Cart

Streamline the checkout process with the “Add to Cart” functionality. Customers can easily gather their desired products for a seamless purchasing experience.


Let customers create their wishlists, allowing them to save and revisit their favorite products effortlessly.

Account Creation

EasyStore simplifies the account creation process, encouraging customer engagement and retention.

Grow Your Business With Performance Analytics

eCommerce analytics are built right in EasyStore so that you can track your store performance and make informed decisions! Get data-driven insights like gross sales, net sales, total orders, products sold, canceled orders, etc. to analyze product and customer trends.

From tracking your top-selling items and categories to your net sales and refunds over time, get all the metrics you need to succeed. 

Seamlessly Manage Customer Accounts

EasyStore streamlines customer accounts management, making it both efficient and hassle-free.

  • Get the flexibility to manually create customer accounts, ensuring no business opportunity goes unnoticed.
  • Seamlessly edit and update customer account information, keeping your records accurate and up-to-date.
  • Easily search and retrieve customer data, allowing you to serve your customers better.

Design Your Store with SP Page Builder 

Wait, there’s more! 

EasyStore also has deep two-way integration with SP Page Builder to give you the ultimate creative control over your eCommerce store’s layout and design. With the intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities of SP Page Builder, you can effortlessly craft visually stunning Joomla eCommerce websites.

This integration includes two default pages, Storefront and Single Product page, as well as a collection of addons that can be used to create highly customized product listings and single product pages.

These dedicated EasyStore addons cover various aspects of store design, including product filters, product lists, pagination, and more, giving you the utmost flexibility over your store pages’ layout.

Take EasyStore For a Spin! 

If you have read it this far, don’t just take our word for it. Take EasyStore for a spin and see it for yourself! Get started now and witness an eCommerce experience in Joomla like never before. 

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