Allura: A Fully Functional eCommerce Template for Online Fashion Stores

Allura: A Fully Functional eCommerce Template for Online Fashion Stores

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Is your fashion brand exclusively dependent on offline sales? While it’s true that an appealing product display within the physical store matters, relying solely on offline imagery won’t help you connect with many of the potential customers. Hence it’s high time to embrace the most popular way to establish your fashion brand online – by creating a website. 

To do that effectively and without hassle, we are here with Allura a complete eCommerce template for you to communicate your business’s message in the online realm, boost sales, and take your business to new heights!

Without further ado, let’s find out what Allura has in store for you.

What’s in Allura Joomla Template?

Enter the online fashion world with Allura, a versatile template that easily integrates a complete online store. Powered by EasyStore, you’ll have access to essential features like product listings, detailed product info, shipping options, shopping carts, wishlists, payment methods, and more.

Allura also provides pre-made pages tailored for various fashion businesses and includes a well-designed footer with social and newsletter features. You can customize these pages with SP Page Builder 5 and make the most of Joomla 4, Helix Ultimate, and PHP 8.0 for a smooth customization experience.

Allura Key Features:

  • Powered by EasyStore
  • Sleek Off-canvas menu
  • Fashion focused homepage
  • Elegantly categorize your apparel 
  • Clean and sleek product listing
  • Dedicated Product Details page
  • Quickly add items to your cart
  • Hassle-free checkout page
  • Feature your brand story in style
  • Built-in pages for quicker site launch
  • Dedicated support and documentation
  • SP Page Builder 5 Pro & Helix Ultimate

Powered by EasyStore

EasyStore is your go-to Joomla eCommerce extension, putting the power in your hands to build your online store from scratch and equip it with everything it needs for a lively online presence. It’s packed with impressive and robust features like easy product creation, auto inventory management, the freedom to choose your preferred payment and shipping methods, and more.

What’s even better is that you can elevate your storefront’s look and functionality with the dedicated SP Page Builder and EasyStore addons. Tailor Allura to your heart’s content, making the most of EasyStore’s fantastic features to create your perfect online shop.

Joomla 4 & SP Page Builder 5 Supported

Take full advantage of all the features and enhancements of Joomla 4 while keeping up with the latest web trends!

The Allura Joomla template combines the power of Joomla 4 with the latest design trends, making your website development process a smooth and seamless experience. Not only that it is also fully compatible with the latest SP Page Builder 5 and PHP 8.0.

Home Page to Display Your Chic Store Exceptionally

Allura’s homepage welcomes your visitors with a stylish and captivating design that’s sure to catch their attention right away. Take the opportunity to highlight your store’s unique collections, share customer reviews, and much more on this thoughtfully crafted homepage.

Captivate visitors with a stunning hero section to make a memorable first impression followed by a dedicated panel for showcasing your latest collections and a sneak peek at your distinctive products.

Keep Your Inventory Organized With the Category Page

Allura provides a specialized Category page that enables you to gracefully exhibit your product categories, helping visitors find precisely what they are looking for. 

The Category page showcases your store in an organized way with a designated section for popular collections. Also, multiple CTAs have been strategically placed throughout the page for quicker conversion.

Enticing Product List & Details Page to Lure in Prospects

At the heart of any eCommerce website are its products, and Allura takes special care to present them effectively. It puts your cherished products in the spotlight using an advanced, filterable listing interface. Plus, each item can be viewed in detail with multiple images, variations, and more with a beautifully designed Product Details page.

Enjoy advanced filtering features on the product listing page to make it easy for customers to filter products by criteria like price, availability, size, and more. Also, display your product reviews, descriptions, and a separate panel for related products.

Smooth Checkout Experience for Valued Customers

Your eCommerce checkout page holds a special place as it ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for your valued customers. Allura makes this possible by tapping into the capabilities of EasyStore, giving you access to fantastic features like the flexibility to choose shipping methods, payment options, and more.

With Allura’s Checkout Page, you can enjoy a comprehensive order summary with a detailed price breakdown, freedom to select your preferred shipping method, and multiple payment options that add convenience to the process

Instill Shopping Vibes with Wishlist, Cart, Reviews, & More

Stir up shopping excitement in your potential customers, enticing them to come back and seamlessly transition their wishlist selections into the shopping cart and, ultimately, the checkout page!

Allura equips your prospects with the seamless capability to transfer their desired items from the wishlist directly to the shopping cart. Furthermore, it offers your customers convenient access to their Order History, Order Details, and more, whenever they wish, with ease and speed!

About Page to Highlight Your Brand’s Vision

Allura boasts a stunning About page that seamlessly blends captivating design with a clean yet sophisticated layout that effectively showcases your brand’s true essence. Get ready to narrate your fashion brand’s story highlighting its authenticity and uniqueness with Allura.

Expect an enchanting hero section on the About page with an elegant presentation of testimonials and a designated area at the bottom of the page for seamlessly incorporating relevant videos.

Built-in Contact Page to Ensure Simplified Communication 

Allura simplifies the process of ensuring a connection and open communication with your potential customers. It comes with a contact page that is easy for users to navigate, enabling them to reach out to you effortlessly.

This contact page features include integrated Google Maps for precise location identification, Adequate space for detailed address information, and an intuitive and self-explanatory form that makes it straightforward for users to contact you.

So. what’s the wait? Try this exceptionally versatile template today and spread your business potential to the next level! Also, don’t forget to let us know your thoughts about Allura in the comments below. Good luck!

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