Introducing Cake & Bakery – A Free Layout Bundle for All SP Page Builder Pro Users

Introducing Cake & Bakery – A Free Layout Bundle for All SP Page Builder Pro Users

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In today’s fast-paced world, a bakery is no longer just a local shop. With so many bakeries competing for customers’ attention, having a website can set a bakery apart from its competitors.

A well-crafted website provides a platform for showcasing your baked goods, establishing an online presence, offering convenience to customers, and staying competitive in the market. And to help you do it all without having to start from scratch, let us introduce you to Cake & Bakery –  a free layout bundle for all our SP Page Builder 4.x and 5.x Pro users. 

Please update your SP Page Builder Pro 4 & 5 to the latest version in order to import this layout bundle.

What’s in Cake & Bakery Layout Bundle?

The Cake & Bakery layout bundle comes packed with 5 ready-to-use pages with incredible design and all the functionalities that you would need to run your bakery shop online. 

It comes with the following pre-made pages:

  1. Home
  2. About Us
  3. Our Products
  4. Product Details
  5. Contact
Cake & Bakery layout bundle

The Home page is a visual delight that showcases your irresistible baked goods. It offers a quick and enticing overview of your delicious treats, enticing visitors to explore further. With the thoughtfully designed layout, effortlessly display your baked goods in organized categories, making it easy for customers to navigate and find their favorites. 

Additionally, you can also highlight your best-selling items or new launches, ensuring they receive the attention they deserve.

Cake & Bakery layout bundle

The About Us page is the perfect place to unveil the story that brings your bakery to life.  Showcase your passion and commitment to creating exceptional baked goods. Introduce the talented bakers behind the scenes and give insightful glimpses into your unique products. 

Cake & Bakery layout bundle

The Product page comes with a grid-style layout showcasing your exquisite products with display images, prices, and customer ratings. With the Buy Now CTA under each product, customers can swiftly add their desired treats to the cart.  

Cake & Bakery layout bundle

With the Product Details page, customers can explore the detailed product descriptions, uncovering the ingredients and unique flavors that make each good exceptional. It also has a testimonial section, where your valued customers can share their experiences and rave about their favorite treats. 

Cake & Bakery layout bundle

The Contact page of the Cake & Bakery layout bundle comes with an intuitive contact form to make communication a breeze. You can also pinpoint your location on a map and display your store locations & contact details smartly.

Fine-tune Your Page Style With Ease

Achieve consistent styles within your page by utilizing custom CSS to override the default styles. Follow these simple steps to apply your desired styles:

  1. Open the layout page in the SP Page Builder editor mode.
  2. Navigate to Options > Page CSS > Custom CSS.
  3. Add the following code snippet to change the page color:

:root { --link-color: #88565A; }

Feel free to modify the color value to match your preferred choice. This will update the color throughout the page, ensuring a consistent and cohesive look.

If you wish to modify the color of the icon images to maintain design consistency, you can do that too. Start by converting your desired color to a CSS filter. Once you have the filter, add it to the code as shown below:

.set-image-color img { filter: invert(36%) sepia(9%) saturate(1741%) hue-rotate(306deg) brightness(101%) contrast(91%); }

By applying this code, the color of the icon images will be adjusted to match your preferred color, further enhancing the visual consistency across the entire page.

How to Access & Import a Layout Bundle?

All of the SP Page Builder Pro users, upon configuring the license key, can access, explore, and import any layout bundle.

In order to get the latest layout bundle, you need to update SP Page Builder Pro to the latest version. To get a step-by-step guideline on how to access and import a layout bundle, please visit this documentation page.

Quick Tips

Having issues with loading the layout bundles? Go to the Administrator dashboard of your Joomla site. From the System tab on the top, select Clear Cache, and then clear the cache for the Administrator. Similarly, clear the cache for the Site as well. And, the layout bundles should show up without any trouble.

With its stunning designs, user-friendly features, and comprehensive functionality, the Cake & Bakery layout bundle provides the perfect foundation for your bakery business.

So what’s the wait for? Try our brand-new Cake & Bakery layout bundle and create a delightful experience for your customers!

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